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John Bonner

John Bonner


First Continental is a specialized private lending company with an exclusive focus on non-recourse financing for residential lot acquisition and development. Backed by permanent capital for over 25 years, with a unique, customer-oriented offering, we are proud to have successfully distinguished ourselves compared to regulated banks and hard money lenders.
We offer borrowers well-structured deals to suit their needs, quickly and efficiently, without placing their personal assets at risk.

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Security in numbers Over 25 years in business

$4.5 billion
1,250 projects
98K lots
across the U.S.
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We’ve grown our business through a simple approach; one handshake at a time.

We value long-term partnerships and have a tenured team with in-depth knowledge of lot development financing not found anywhere else in the industry.

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Our customers


First Continental has been a reliable finance partner of high integrity, providing acquisition and development loans on many projects for us over the last 5 years.

David Weekley Chairman of David Weekley Homes, Inc

First Continental is an invaluable resource to Johnson Development Services. Their depth of knowledge and business acumen has fueled our success in niche markets previously unavailable to us.

Michael Cox President/Johnson Development Services

First Continental has been consistently servicing the single family development industry with non-recourse lending options since the mid 1990’s which has allowed them to remain nimble, creative and quick to respond to the development community they service with a personal touch. As a non-regulated private lender with singular focus on this specific market segment, First Continental has been and continues to be a resource where high levels of integrity, creative evaluation and quick decisions are par for the course.

Sam Yager III Executive Vice President of Sam Yager Incorporated

First Continental has been an incredible partner of ours for over fifteen years and their team is consistently easy to work with, flexible and responsive at all stages of the loan process. They have been an extraordinary financial resource for us on a variety of our development projects and we look forward to working with them on many more deals.

Mehrdad Moayedi President and CEO/Centurion American Development Group

In any competitive industry, a reliable and trustworthy partner is vital to success. First Continental has been that partner to HIC Land for numerous years. They understand the intricacies of homebuilding, land development and lending throughout the country. They have always executed in a flawless, flexible and timely manner. HIC’s growth and success has been enhanced as a result of our dependable relationship with First Continental.

Stefan Hoyer CEO of HIC Land

The reliable and creative non-recourse loan solutions First Continental provides have become a key component in the growth of our home building company.

Adam Davidson President and CEO/Davidson Homes

I have been doing business with First Continental for over 10 years. They have provided me with over $40 million in lot acquisition and lot development financing in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. First Continental is a company that is based upon a set of values. These values are evident in how they conduct their business with their customers. The values of Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Respect and Excellence are the core of the company. I know that I can depend on what they say and trust that they will be there to assist me throughout the term of the development.

Ed Horne President of Wilshire Homes

About Non-Recourse Financing

Non-recourse debt is a loan secured by a pledge of collateral for which the applicant is not personally liable. In an event of default, the lender can pursue its rights and remedies to the collateral for which it has a lien, but if the collateral sells for less than the debt, the lender cannot seek that deficiency balance from the individuals, partners, or sponsors associated with the loan.

Non-recourse financing is typically associated with real estate or other asset classes subject to higher risk of market volatility, longer project durations, and uneven revenue streams. Since most real estate is owned through a partnership structure, nonrecourse borrowing gives partners the ability to isolate the real estate ownership in a single purpose, single-asset entity where personal liability is limited to the value of the original equity investment.

At First Continental, we believe this non-recourse loan structure offers our customers a superior risk vs. reward return for each investment, while also aligning First Continental and its borrowers with the same mutual interest; seeing each project through from inception to completion with a successful outcome for all stakeholders.